Galium Saxatile

mist laid over green
dreams spread light as silk
in the moonlight
you were milk

hundreds, hundreds
of four-petalled flowers
leaf spears like
speechless tongues

the microscope
lets me in deep
a single petal fills my world
all white, all white

a precise language
of botanists, rational, ranked
says glabrous, tubercles,
procumbent stems

gives abbreviations
I can’t fathom
In the meadow, I meet flowers
and find names

you drew me in
lured me to wet-kneed curiosity
and shone. I name you
humble moonstar

heath bedstraw flower

‘humble moonstar’

The common name for Galium Saxatile is heath bedstraw. Many years ago it was used for bedding, and favoured for the aroma it gave out when cut and dried. 

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