Being in place. Writing in place. Poetry in place.

Writing about land and about nature necessarily requires the writer to be in place. And that is what I do – spend time in a single natural environment and explore it and the written word together. Landscript records the emergence of writing in place and the placement of writing in the land.

This is not a fast process. It is slow. Deliciously slow. Come and join me:

In The Meadow  June & July 2015 High Borrowdale, Cumbria

To come:    In The Woods  /  By The Coast   /  On The Mountain  / By The River  /

2 thoughts on “landscript”

  1. Sue Fraser said:

    Thinking of you today .I hope the meadow provides more beautiful sights and subtle perfumes,especially in the evening,when the plants tempt the moths, than you could have hoped for. May their be a wonderful harvest moon to help you sleep well.Love Sue


    • Thank you Sue. Two incredible days with sunshine, mist, rain, a poetry gathering with adults, and a group of thirty school children buzzing like bees! And yes, the moon was ‘wonderful’. It rose yellow bright at midnight in the midst of an electric storm. The meadow turned milky, the air was pulsing with energy. I will be writing about it all soon 🙂


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