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It did take quite a long time, I’ll admit – life somehow gets in the way – but the book of poetry is now complete! And while it’s not the right time for real meadow flowering, it feels good to bring a touch of summer to the dreary days of winter.

meadow book shot.jpg

I left the meadow with notebooks full of sketches and scribbles: notes, observations, poem fragments, musings. Then last year I took a week out to go through the notebooks and compile poems. In the process I became re-immersed in the meadow, this time from afar, and I was struck by a simplicity and richness of just being among the flowers, day after day. I hope this has come through in this collection.


I have become a flower watcher
brought to my knees to my belly
lie flat lie still
here with the touch
of light and weather
and the truth of daisies
tracking the sun


The book is just over 60 pages long, and has been printed in a limited edition print run of 160. The poems are at its heart, and  there’s a section on the history of the meadow as well the collection of flower names dreamed up by people who visited while I was there. Each book is hand finished with hand colouring on the beautiful illustration (done by the brilliant artist Kate Gilman Brundrett).

If you would like a copy (£10 plus £1.50 p&p) please follow this link to the shop page on the somewhere nowhere website.

oxeye daisy in meadow