I have been asking people to suggest new names for wild flowers, and they are coming in – I have more than forty now. I will be bringing all the names together and using them as inspiration for a poem, and also presenting the names in a 3D format, layered just as the meadow is.

Please send your names in – the more names I gather, the fuller the meadow! It doesn’t matter that there will be different names for the same flowers.

Here are some that have come in so far via twitter and email:

Sun’s tear drops (Tormentil)
Spiked cloak (Foxglove)
Humblerose (Primrose)
Pink pom pom (Dutch Clover)
Fried egg (Ox-eye Daisy)
Freedom (Ox-eye Daisy)
Bee Heaven (Clover)
Pink Sentinel (Bistort)
Blood red grass (Plaintain)
Dancing Fairy Grass (Crested dog’s tail)
Happiness (Rough Hawkbit)
Missing patch (Wild thyme)

My original blog post about finding new names, with a list of the common names of the flowers and grasses found in High Borrowdale, is here.

Thank you!

Self-heal (image Rob Fraser)

Self-heal (image Rob Fraser)